Frequently Asked Questions

Why Have a Vessel Surveyed?

Whether you are a first time buyer or experienced boat owner, it is important to have an experienced third party who represents your interest in the purchase of a boat.  The broker who advertises the boat, or even the current owner for that matter, may not be aware of a vessel’s structural or safety deficiencies.  Boat brokers have a saying, “sell the dream, not the boat.”  The surveyor's role is to examine the boat behind the dream with a critical eye.  For example:  is the vessel structurally sound & seaworthy?  Are the vessel and its systems in compliance with current ABYC, NFPA and USCG standards?  If not, what repairs, upgrades, and/or additional equipment required to bring the vessel into compliance?  In addition, is the vessel suitable for its intended use by you, the prospective buyer?   

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of a survey is generally offset by the money saved by the prospective buyer.  Why?  Because the survey report will contain a list of items that need to be repaired or upgraded.  The prospective buyer has the option of renegotiating the price based on these findings, or rejecting the vessel entirely.  In the long run, the survey tends to pay for itself.  The intangible part of the equation is the peace of mind gained by knowing the vessel complies with safety standards and will not endanger you, your family or friends.    My standard fee includes the cost of the basic survey and the report of my findings, reasonable travel costs and telephone consultations.  The actual cost depends on the size of the vessel, whether a haulout is needed, and any special services (such as climbing the mast) that may be required.  For more information, please contact me.  

Can I be on-site while you survey the boat?

Yes!  This is an opportunity for you to learn more about the vessel and its systems from a seaworthiness & safety perspective and to discuss any specific questions or concerns you may have.  

When Will I receive the Survey Report? As soon as I complete the survey, I can give you a verbal report of my findings, whether you were able to be present or not.   A copy of the report can generally be emailed or faxed to you within 3 days of completion of the survey What Does the Survey Report Look Like? My standard report consists of two parts:  the first is a checklist that covers the vessel & its systems from stem to stern.  The second part of the report contains a narrative of recommendations and includes photos for reference purposes.    

What if I have Questions afterward?

My services don’t end when I send you the report.   Questions are expected and welcomed.  I am available to explain any aspect of the survey and its findings.




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